What makes Bibity different?

Most homework help sites are focused on databases of answers. Regardless of accuracy, they use the content to market their site across the web and resell it to their customers over and over again.

Bibity provides only chat-based homework help to keep the interaction personalized, private, and simple for practical relevance. Unlike our competitors, we also promise the accuracy of our answers.

How do you maintain quality?

Bibity maintains quality by verifying the credentials of the tutors we work with. Most of our tutors have previous experience working with us on other sites, so we have an established track record working together that goes back for years.

Why are your prices so cheap?

Most qualified tutors in Western countries prefer to meet in person or via video chat. With the cost of education and living that comes with countries like the USA, working with these tutors can easily cost $80+/hour.

At Bibity, we find that overseas tutors offer faster communication, still write with fluent English, and possess a high proficiency in mathematics. They also charge lower prices than comparable tutors in Western countries.

Does Bibity support cheating?

No, Bibity is for learning only.

How does Bibity work?

Once you message us to sign up, you’ll receive a unique member ID you can input to begin each chat session. It is your responsibility to safeguard this number as Bibity will use it to debit your account.

You will then connect with an expert who gives the math help you need. New users are able to purchase a site subscription for further help on an as needed basis. For more information, see our pricing or message our support team to get started.